"If I want my children and grandchildren to know those who still live in my memory, then I must build the bridge between them. I alone am the link to the generations that stand on either side of me. It is my responsibility to knit their hearts together through love and respect, even though they may never have known each other personally. My grandchildren will have no knowledge of their family’s history if I do nothing to preserve it for them. That which I do not in some way record will be lost at my death, and that which I do not pass on to my posterity, they will never have." ~ Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander, Ensign, May 1999, pages 83-84~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Child of Many Sires

"We are the children of many sires, and every drop of blood in us in its turn...betrays it's ancestors." Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am indeed the child of many sires or, as I like to think, a typical child of the American experience.  As is true of most of us, my heritage is a conglomeration of many different cultures.  My forefathers include a Dutch Patroon and a little girl from Denmark, a Scottish soldier captured by Cromwell who was sent to the New World as an indentured servant and an elderly widow who pulled a handcart across the prairies.  There were men and women who came from England during the Great Migration and those who came from England in the mid-nineteenth century.  Some of my ancestors came here to escape religious persecution while others left the boundaries of the United States for that same reason.  I must build bridges to Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, England, and Scotland as well as to places I have not yet identified.because brick walls have stalled my progress before reaching the immigrant ancestor.

Speaking of Immigrant Ancestors I also have one or two who are at the center of internet controversies over the correct lineage of said immigrant. But then, this is only part of the fun of the search.

There is, of course, rumors of Indian blood in my background but again brick walls have not allowed me to actually confirm this.

My family lines - back to my 2nd great grandparents are: Paternally - Davis, McDougal, Pelt (Van Pelt), Taylor, Brock, White, Newsom and Pippin and Maternally - Cahoon, Spencer, Johanson, Nielson, Manwill, McClellan, Keele and Boulton.  As I expand my blog to include generations beyond these, I will be adding to this list.

I hope that, as I continue my research, the drops of blood within me will each, in its turn, betray more of my ancestors to me.


  1. Hi Honey looks like you are off to a good start. I've been here, but had problem getting pic to load. You'll do fine

  2. Now I'm having problems posting a comment. I Love you and wsnt you to have a lot of good fortune, while searching for your treasure. I found my treasure and it is YOU.

  3. Leslie,

    I look forward to hearing your stories, and it looks like you are off to a great start! =)

    ~Caroline Pointer
    Family Stories

  4. I'm curious about your Scots prisoner of War! I'm descended of several captured at the Battle of Worcester and sent to Boston. I'll be looking forward to your future posts...

  5. Good going getting started on this blog Leslie, I look forward to reading so much more! Sounds like you've got a very supportive hubby too :)

  6. Heather, My Scots prisoner of War was captured in the Battle of Dunbar. He was sent to Boston aboard the ship "Unity" in 1650. Thank you for your kind word. Thanks Mary the encouragement really makes me want to keep going. Yes, my husband is very, very supportive. After all, I got him started digging into his family too. :)